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Peace of Mind Pet and Home Services


  • B.A., Broadcast Communications
  • Texas law enforcement /criminal justice employee
  • 40+ years of pet ownership (horses, geese, chickens, dogs & birds...and many other species also.
  • Home Owner 10+ years, including gardening & plant care experience
  • Affiliated with St. Augustine Humane Society, S.A.F.E., Be A Pack Leader Member,City Volunteer for Sea Turtle Rescue, St. Johns County school employee & library volunteer.
  • Established, local, current references for St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, and Palm Coast areas

Below is a list of some of my house and pet sitting services offered:

House Sitting:

  • Home and/or pet care & basic home services
  • Handle lawn care/maintenance/pest contractor visits
  • Added security and Theft/ Burglary Deterrant; "lived in" presence
  • Basic light housecleaning & light maintenance tasks
  • TLC care of home, belongings, garden, plants
  • Pick up pesky advertisement/flier and other mail when you are gone

Pet Management Services:

  • Pet Sitting (dogs, cats, bird, small animals, reptiles, etc.)
  • Long & short distance, safe transport of pets
  • Occasional Boarding for full day or overnight stays
  • Daily Dog Walking and Exercise
  • Pet TAXI: Veterinarian, grooming, other events / appointments
  • Birds: Wing/Nail Trimming/Empathetic Training & Help for Special Needs
  • Inn Keeping: Watching or walking pet for out-of-town guests/visitors
  • Complimentary Referral Service: If I Can't Serve You, I know who can!    

Home Management:

  • Intermittent or scheduled visits to your home with contractors or simple check up.
  • Plant and garden care
  • Pick up “junk” mail, solicitors’ fliers, etc.
  • Turn on faucets/appliances to keep rust/debris from buildup
  • Dusting/vacuuming/house maintenance as needed
  • "Wellness" check for home after severe storms or other natural disasters
  • “Lived in” presence to deter probable vandals/burglars
  • Personal shopper and elderly companionship/support. Trusted Childcare Services for local and visiting parents from out-of-town